The Geography of … Soccer?

No matter what language you speak, chances are you recognize a soccer ball. The sport of soccer has spread over the globe, tying together people everywhere. The global connections are especially apparent now as the World Cup rages on in Germany. Twelve German cities have become mingling grounds for fans from all corners of the globe, competing, celebrating, and sharing their cultures.

Here’s a World Cup primer:

3 thoughts on “The Geography of … Soccer?

  1. I grew up learning about soccer stars and teams from a young age, and I agree that it’s an excellent way to expose kids to geography. Kids learn when they have a reason to care about something, and soccer is a great reason.
    Eric Shmookler

  2. hi my name is yonatal im a 11 year old soccer fan and a smart student your right about people knowing about geography.We should be the most educated country in the world but norway and the countries in the north have the most educated kids which translates into higher gross domestic product.i hope you liked my article. oh yeah my faviorite socer player is Thierr Henry who plays for arsenal and France

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