“Where in the World Is Geography Knowledge?”

The dismaying results of the latest National Geographic-Roper survey sparked editorials in newspapers across the U.S. this weekend. Here are a few—check them out, then give us your take on the situation.

  • As geography students, they’re going nowhere (East Valley Tribune of Phoenix, Arizona)
  • ‘Geography’ … Where’s that? (Arkansas Democrat Gazette)
  • Knowledge of geography is essential (Bangor Daily News)
  • Where in the world is geography knowledge? (The University Daily Kansan)

  • 10 responses to ““Where in the World Is Geography Knowledge?”

    1. To Jessica :
      I’m sorry lady, but I’ve been to 14 countries, and I have lived in England, Portugal, Spain and the USA (NY). I didn’t learn neither from books nor websites, I learnt from my everyday experience, from what I saw and lived.
      About my country Brasil, I’m proud of being Brazilian, but at the same very moment I’m aware, as well as ashamed of the problems we have, such as poverty.
      As you said “it is located on the same Earth that you live on” we all, you and me, should, at least, try to do our best in order to improve the quality of live that our “neighbours” live. It’s quite difficult to accept that a country that has 5% of the world population consumes over 30% of the world energy. Can you imagine how much of the world’s natural resource the USA consumes?
      One thing I know for sure, if a place is dry, it’s because elsewhere its wet; and if it’s cold somewhere, it means elsewhere is hot; as well as if a population is fat, definitely elsewhere one is starving to death.
      Try to watch Syriana, or Fahrenheit 9/11 and understand them.
      There are some “good films” reporting the shameful reality in my country, if you wanna watch, I can mail them to you.
      I’ll be pleased to talk to you, Jessica


    2. To Plinio in response to your June 18 comment:
      Maybe you should learn a little bit more about America, since it is located on the same Earth that you live on, because we have in fact been in many wars, a lot of which were on our own soil. I’m sure you are proud of where you live, just like I am. And I’m ashamed to say that the few who give this country a bad name are the only ones outside people listen to. The funny thing is that this country is made up of people who came from other countries originally, yet those countries reject them simply because they live in America. What gives you or anyone else the right to think that you or your country is more perfect than mine? Calling Americans names such as self-centered and alienated is uncalled for. That’s called stereo-typing, and it just shows how uninformed you are. We are just tired of everyone else in the world telling us how we should live our OWN lives, that’s all. Maybe you should just make the effort to get to know an American, instead of looking a website that is making assumptions just like you are.


    3. Sorry Anna, but it doesn’t make sense to me at all. I guess it is either because I have a weak English (as no native speaker) or because of my lack of knowledge about what you wrote. Do you mind being a bit more clear, please?


    4. It seems the purpose of this site is to stimulate interest in the real world. The setting of the TV show CSI is irrelevant and should not be on the quiz.


    5. Isn’t it because Americans are, in their majority, self-centered, alienated? Or is it because they think being able to speak English is enough? Or even worse, because there is not democracy on the broadcast news at all! Or is it because any foreign news is summarized/reduced to/about those ones that take place INSIDE the USA?
      If they don´t know where Iraq is located, it´s maybe becase the USA itself has never ever really been in a war. The American government just make war in somebody else land, never in its own land. So, why worry about it, once it’s not happening in my house yard!


    6. As a young person (17), I was ashamed to hear these results because I know where Iraq,Indonesia,Louisiana, and Mississippi are! This might be because I love history and geography but still we are fighting a war and you people dont even know where the country is?!? somethings wrong with that.I think that not enough emphasis is placed on history in public schools and that more should be required just like so much math and english are required.


    7. If you are serious about learning some geography you need to look at THE WORLD WISE GEOGRAPHY CARD GAMES @globularinnovations.com. This makes it FUN and EXCITING even for the geographically challenged!
      No matter how much you know or don’t know this WORKS. It is the SINGLE MOST EFFECTIVE GEOGRAPHY LEARNING TOOL in the world. The rules make everyone EQUAL. Our government has spent billions trying to do that and failed miserably every time.


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