We’re Making News

All the major news outlets are covering the just released results of the National Geographic-Roper survey (see CNN, Washington Post, CBS). MSNBC has taken it a step further.

In addition to their news story, they’ve included an interactive geography quiz, plus a live poll that asks “How important is it to know geography?” Hop over and place your vote!

3 responses to “We’re Making News

  1. Well I did better than I thought I would on the Geography quiz with an 80%…though some of my answers were just guesses.
    As far as the importance to know geography, I think it is important, however with the growing ubiquity of information online, the ability to look up maps when mobile, etc. I don’t think it is critical to memorize. Save the brain cells for conceptual thinking!


  2. I thought that the Roper quiz was extra hard, especially considering that i haven’t had geography since 8th grade and even then i didn’t really pay attention. My history teacher told us to sign up for this site and learn more about geography and with the work i want to do its a really good idea. Also i learned alot about things i would have never thought of prior to this website. The truth is most teenagers would love to have to take a class like international relations or geography in highschool to learn more about the world they live in today, even though it may not seem like it. Im really glad national geographic has taken a step forward and created this website.


  3. I took the MSNBC “interactive geography quiz” and I think it was MUCH harder than our Roper Poll. I got two questions waaaay wrong. Don’t tell my employers at National Geographic 🙂
    I thought that Florida had the most land of the states listed–I forgot that so much of its area is covered by water. Doh!
    I also fell for Louisville as the capital of Kentucky–must have had Rick Pitino on the brain. I never HAVE been good at the name the capital game; I generally only know the capital if it means something to me personally–if I have been there trying to get the legislature to allocate more funding for geography in the state or on vacation or something. But I do have a great atlas on my bookshelf so at least I can look it up if asked–most young people in America don’t even have a map at home.
    I have been impressed by the media coverage of the issues brought home by the NGS-Roper Poll–from Rush ranting about schools in the US to those cool USAToday graphics. But I hope that the stories ultimately center on the power of our schools to ensure that kids get the skills and experiences they need to understand the world. It’s not just a set of random facts and stats; it is a spatial perspective that people need to understand the world.
    Thanks to everyone who has signed onto the campaign!
    —Chris Shearer
    National Geographic Education Foundation


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